Saturday, February 27, 2010

How can I get duct tape adhesive off hardwood floors?

I had for 4 years ran a splitter cable from bedroom tv to living room tv for my cable. The cable company did this telling me to run it under the floor would be $200. So I went with it. To avoid accidents I used clear duct tape and held it down every 12 inches.

Well yesterday a friend drilled two holes in the floor and ran the cable in the basement took him all of 20 min and no cost to me.

Now I have sticky adhesive patches on the hard wood floors. The floors are in bad shape and need to be totally refinished but I cannot afford it at this time. Anyone know something that will take off the adhesive but not the finnish?

Many thanks.

How can I get duct tape adhesive off hardwood floors?
Try using some WD40, it's the only think that I know is not very harmful for hard wood floors and the smell goes away quickly so does the stickyness. WD40 works on every surface you can think of. It also removed stains, I know it sounds strange, but trust me it works.How can I get duct tape adhesive off hardwood floors?
Varsol, Paint Thinner, Acetone, Nail Polish Remover, Methyl Hydrate, WD 40, Gasoline, Goo Gone, Any of those will work. Dip a corner of a rag in any of those and a little elbow grease and you are in business.
Goof off is great- I used it to get dried paint off of floors..

Regular goof off stinks but it works great, the orange version is a little weaker but should work for what you want- smell much better.

Can buy it at any store.

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