Saturday, February 27, 2010

Need help with adhesive removal from hard wood floors.?

Just taken up old linoleum tiles and the adhesive is being a booger to get up. I am not worried about staining the floors underneath since I will be sanding them. The last section of floor I did I tried to just sand the adhesive off and it came out horrible. The dust from the sanding settled on some of the other adhesive and stuck. Just looking for the best possible way, chemical or not.Need help with adhesive removal from hard wood floors.?
try wd-40 wd-40 is basicly fish oil. It reacts with all types of petrolium products. most adhesives have petrolium base. either way it can not hurt the wood below. spray or pour it on and use a putty nife to loosen up the dried adhesive.Need help with adhesive removal from hard wood floors.?
I just did a job removing ';vinyl'; flooring that was glued to a concrete floor. I used a sander. Later, I realized that I should have tried pouring a bunch of Goof Off on it and then scraping it up with a putty knife. Goof Off removes paint, glue, caulk, etc... Goo B Gone is the same stuff. It's a very strong solvent and will definitely loosen the glue and allow it to be scraped up. I don't know if that's what a pro would do, but that's what I'd do. Maybe they'd use a huge floor sander; I dunno. Goof Off will work. Good luck.
We have done this before and it was a major nightmare. I have used mineral oil,letting it soak, rubbing alcohol, that tends to cut the stickiness,and DW40. It smells,but really did the job. Lots of elbow grease to be sure. Sometimes it depends on how porous the wood in your floor is to determine what will work the best. Good luck!

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