Friday, February 26, 2010

How to remove tar adhesive from concrete floor?

I am renovating a 1960s property in which the kitchen and bathroom vinyl tiles were fixed with a tar adhesive. It's patchy and stubborn. Is there a brand of industrial strength tar remover that can melt it for easy removal.

Or can you recommend some tested way of doing it that I haven't thought of.How to remove tar adhesive from concrete floor?
What kind of finish are you planning after removal?

If you are simply wanting to smooth the surface then a hot airgun (relatively cheap to buy) will quickly melt the tar and can be removed with a scraper. If you are removing the tar from a wooden surface then melt and scrape with a sharp chisel, as this will bring it back almost to the bare wood and will only require sanding once cooled to restore fully.

If it is a concrete floor you are laying the tiles on then ';scrape ridges'; into the floor to allow the tile adhesive to key in.

If it is a wooden floor then lay 3mm hardboard over the floor,(available from most diy shops((dont forget hardbord tacks))) and then tile as normal.

Hi there, the only way I can think of to remove tar from wood in that way is to physically remove the tar with an electric or hand plane (difficult work). The tar is there anyway and if you do want to lay tiles over this without further damaging the parquet, you could still lay 3mm M.D.F.over this to provide an even surface to tile over. You can fix the MDF by melting some of the tar and pressing the mdf on top, thus avoiding holes in the parquet from tacks.

Dont worry about the heat damaging the wood-tar melts quickly,before it will burn the wood.How to remove tar adhesive from concrete floor?
There are strippers that contain high concentrations on methalene chloride solvent.....killer stuff! Works well, but make sure you have a fan running to carry away the fumes and no pilot lites lite!
put diesel on effected areas and scrape off in half hour babe its easy
Mix synthafruff with leveling compound and pour over the floor. When dry carry on as norm. You local supplier will help you.
1. break up large patches with hammer %26amp; bolster ( masonry chisel)

2. heat hair dryer

3. dissolve with petrol And extreme caution apply small amount in jam jar paint brush it onto stubborn patches it should soften , chip off and apply again ,

It`s a tough job good luck

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