Friday, February 26, 2010

How do you remove linoleum adhesive from hardwood floors?

the hardwood floors were once stained and sealed a long time ago, but we don't want to ruin them removing the linoleum tilesHow do you remove linoleum adhesive from hardwood floors?
Removing the tiles in this case is not the issue, but removing the backing that will inevitably be left behind and the adhesive. ...and depending on how old the linoleum is...and if the glue is black will determine if it can be done at all. If the adhesive under your floor is black, it's what's known as ';cutback'; contains petroleum and asbestos. It's best left where it is....a new subfloor installed to encapsulate the asbestos...and go forward with a new floor.

If not, this is still one job that is really best left to the pros. While it sounds easy to rent a sander, and use the various grits of sandpaper to get the residue off of the floor.....sanding a floor with a floor sander and getting a smooth finish on the wood, is indeed an art. It's all in keeping the sander at the same speed and pace, so you don't get any hills and valleys in your floor. HGTV makes it look so simple...only because they don't show the outtakes! There are many flooring projects than you can do yourself...this should not be one.

While we all want to save money where we can....we also need to know when to call the pros.How do you remove linoleum adhesive from hardwood floors?
scraping it off is probably the only way. you will have to finish it off with a good sander. don't use any liquid as it can ruin the wood. you should get a professional, it'll take a couple days probably, but be worth the cost. call a flooring company.

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