Friday, February 19, 2010

How do i remove sticky adhesive on floors left by vinyl floor tiles?

try a hairdryer to soften the glue and remove the bulk with a wallpaper scraper. any stuff left can be removed with WD40How do i remove sticky adhesive on floors left by vinyl floor tiles?

Traffic Film Remover.

motor factors sell it.

use with caution, wear sturdy gloves.

brush on with a paintbrush, let it soak it.

find a paint-scraper %26amp; trying not 2 flick 2 much.

the glue should go a bit melty. should if u leave it long enough, try 2 do it in portions.

i had this job %26amp; a mechanic suggested TFR.

better than anything else i've heard of.

anyway, good luck.

DIY, would we really DIY if well knew exactly all it involved?

my kitchen's still under construction,

ur room will probably b finished b4 mine!How do i remove sticky adhesive on floors left by vinyl floor tiles?
I've heard that Goo Gone works good. WD-40 can also work good. I know many people use it to get stickers off things.
Goo Gone is very good for cleaning sticky substances like adhesives.
When i removed my tiles with my mom, she used goo gone, it worked like a charm! hope this works...
Try some nail polish remover, it works when you can't get glue off presents when you remove the label. This should work if the glue has not hardened.

Good luck.
talcum powder
The vinyl tiles are coated with an adhesive that will spread out and end up on top of your floor. The best glue remover to use is lighter fluid then wash with soap and hot water ( in a small area at a time) GOO- B- GONE will remove the glue real well but will leave behind an oil that will spread more than anything. Bottom line....any kind of acetone will do the trick. Good luck.
Good luck - it is a bugger to get off!

I had some good quality vinyl tiles in my house when I bought it - they were shite to remove - I ended up using a heat gun to melt the glue and then scrape it off with a sharp bladed scraper!

It all depends what you are going to cover it with - I chose to laminate the kitchen and what was left over from all the scraping just acted as a glue to hold the underlay in place!
try methylated spirits or acetone paint thinners and a lot of scrubbing!! what floor covering are you replacing them with? is it necessary to remove it?? good luck...........
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